Thursday, December 2, 2010

BioMeridian Biofeedback Testing is Here!

EB Nutrition has started scheduling for the Biofeedback testing! The biofeedback test measures the level of function of the entire body system and is a very useful tool in determining the root cause of disease and supporting the metabolism. This test is actually less expensive than our food allergy test, and can check over 1,000 different systems in the body. The Biofeedback machine is an FDA approved device that was actually featured in the Mayo Clinic's 2011 Guide to Alternative Medicine. The test works similar to an EKG machine or the bio-electrical impedance body fat scale. While the EKG machine measures heart frequencies and the body fat scale measures water frequencies in the body, the Biofeedback machine measures the frequencies of all of the organs and glandular systems in the body and is able to determine if there is healthy function, inflammation or degeneration. Let us know when you are ready to schedule!

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